Image by: Carly Milbrath

Image by: Carly Milbrath


My name is Jen, I'm a Professional Photographer, Practical Nurse and Certified 200+ hour Yoga Teacher. l live in Minnesota, but my strong curiosity for adventure brings me across the world; no worries though, I always find my way back home! 
My passion for photography started when I was in middle school, after my father surprised me with my first DSLR camera. I currently have over 5 years of experience photographing professionally and a soft spot for shooting fashion & weddings. 
I love the variety that photography offers, the ability to shoot anywhere and anything; allowing creativity to be endless. When you take a picture, you capture a moment and create something that will last forever. 

I share photographs and writings in my blogs focusing on portraiture, lifestyle, beautiful places I travel to & the art of joyful living. 

I am a nature enthusiast with over 10 potted plants in my home at all times. Outdoor fanatic having been raised in Juneau, Alaska until age 14. Animal lover & mom of two crazy amazing rescued dogs and one rescued kitty. Travel addict with over 30+ countries visited. Last but not least, I thrive off a good book, cold press coffee & pasta.

I live to capture stories. What's your story? I would love to be a part of it,