Rin & Nico | Wedding

How often do you have a hobbit, Lord of The Rings themed wedding?
Not often :D
OH man, what a unique, fun wedding this was to photograph!! Being a slight, uber nerd myself, I have 110% appreciation that Rin & Nico decided to pull off a wedding like this!
Hobbits, furry feet, leaf brooches, elves, wizards and veiled crown to top off the silk wedding dress...yesssss <3 <3 <3
Stay tuned for more, this journey is just beginning!

Venue: Theodore Wirth Pavillion
Flowers - Lee Drolet, Rebecca Eckblad & Kerry Bullen    
Gown & Veil - Elizabeth Sloan
Corset & Bridesmaids outfits - Scoundrelle's Keep
Crown - Armstreet
Bridesmaids Baretts - DreamsbytheSea on Etsy
Groom's Attire - KMK Designs
Invitations - MidnightRevels on Etsy