Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep Photo.jpg
Clean Sweep Photo.jpg

Clean Sweep

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Clean Sweep - Adobe Lightroom Preset

This Adobe Lightroom preset, generates a warm, clean look. Colors pop by adding a unique contrast curve,  saturation shifts and tweaking an array of colors.

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Lightroom Preset Installation Instructions For Lightroom 4-6 and CC 

There is more than one way to install Lightroom presets. The easiest way to load your presets (and get them to ‘stick’) is to follow these 10 easy steps: 

  1. Download your zip file by clicking the link (after payment). 

  2. Save the Jen Montgomery Photography LR Preset file in an easy to find location on your computer. 

  3. Open Lightroom and go to Develop>New Preset Folder in the menu bar. 

  4. Populate the Folder Name box with the Jen Montgomery collection name (i.e. Pastel Ash or Clean Sweep). 

  5. Click Create 

  6. In the Presets section of the Develop module, click on the folder you just created and then select ‘Import’ by: 

    • PC – Right-clicking on the new folder 

    • Mac – Holding the Control Key and clicking on the new folder 

  7. Navigate to the preset folder location and select all preset (.lrtemplate) files inside the folder. 

• To highlight all files: Click the first preset file, hold the Shift Key and Click the last preset. 

  1. Click Import 

  2. Restart Lightroom 

  3. View your Greater Than Gatsby presets under the Preset section in the Develop module. 

Note: Remember to back up your preset folder on an external storage device. All sales are final, no returns.