Sonora | Seljavellir South, Iceland

An impromptu photo shoot which began with a hike into the southern Seljavellir mountains of Iceland. Following the advice of a local Icelandic boy on how to find a heated geothermal pool not well known to the public.


His directions were to, "Follow the road up highway 1, pass two mountain sides, turn off between two farms, swing a left at the white house, then take a right up the unmarked street. If you feel lost, that's good, keep driving until you see a small walking dirt path. Follow that to the hidden geothermal pool in the mountains." Following his advice, we (my friends and I) stumbled upon one of the most unique locations I have ever been. Talk about an amazing view!


This is Sonora, whom I ran into at the abandoned pool.


Despite the location being stunning on its own, I couldn't resist asking to take her photograph. Valari has an undeniable, natural beauty about her, which was apparent immediately. Her style fit in so well amongst the landscape. Needless to say, I felt inspired!


This was my first attempt at photographing a complete stranger on a whim, and I have to say, it was very invigorating creativity wise! I'm so glad she allowed me to do so, it has definitely sparked a new fire in me! <3

Self Portrait | Dettifoss, Iceland

Iceland, a country which stole my heart completely.
Words cannot do it justice, and unfortunately neither will my photographs; but I do hope you enjoy them anyway. It is my intent to eventually blog all of the beauty my friends and I encountered while backpacking through out the country side.
In the mean time, I'll leave you with my first conceptual series; a self portrait taken at one of the most powerful waterfalls, Dettifoss. 
Thanks to my friend Angela for assisting me on this idea of a girl in a red dress <3

I can't resist including some scenic photos as well, it was a breath taking view when the sun started to rise again at 4 A.M in the morning. <3