Prague | Czech Republic

Onto my 35th country, Czech Republic. I’m realizing the more that I roam, the subtle changes that occur in my travel habits. I don’t take as many photos as I used to, instead I wait for something unique to that city, to capture in my lens. I rarely buy souvenirs anymore, rather, I find myself taking home objects that are of sentimental value, such as that chunky lava stone from Iceland, or the nice note someone wrote to me in Scotland. 
I’ve gotten more savvy, and have switched to downloading google maps for each country, instead of using the large, paper versions. Even though those maps are lovely, when you accidentally spill coffee on your final destination, it can be quite the inconvenience!
I purchased, and pay an annual fee for a credit card which can be used anywhere in the world. After collecting numerous amounts of currencies in my safe at home, I concluded it was smarter, financially, to drop the cash, and use the card, converting effortlessly between each country. Of course, some cash can be nice, but the world is becoming a very technologically based way of life.
If I want to blend in, I pack an all black outfit (a classic outfit that doesn’t go out of style in any country I’ve visited).
But enough about me, let’s talk Prague of the Czech Republic...
One of the most beautiful countries in terms of colorful, unique, renaissance style architecture, and buildings! I never had Prague on my list of, “I want to visit”, but I’m sure glad that changed. Most everything is inexpensive, and the food is wonderful. Go to a street market and find yourself amongst the finest cured meats, soups, breads, and an ever flowing dialect between the locals, that makes no sense what so ever (unless you are familiar with the language, trying to use English is near futile). Locals consume more beer than anywhere else in the world, and it’s $1.50, so cheers, and drink up when you visit this country! 
The taxis will over charge you drastically, so be sure to use the easy public transportation, or use one of the best forms of transportation within the city, walking 🙂
And lastly, if you’re going to a night club, I recommend covering up a bit more than the states. I think I was the only girl showing any shoulder, and I received some not so nice glances from the older generation on the way to the clubs, whoops! 
As always, every time you travel, it’s a chance to learn, change, and adapt to your surroundings ❤️