Mykonos | Greece

Chugging right along on our adventure throughout Greece! Our next stop, Mykonos.
We took a fast 30 minute airplane ride from the tiny airport of Zakynthos, to Mykonos, and a 30 minute drive to our place near the water. This town was great to rent a scooter in! The island isn't huge, so if you have one at your disposal you have the opportunity to see everything. We started with what is called "the old town", it has tiny, narrow paths that wind in between shops, bars and restaurants. It is quite the unique place, it's not like anywhere I have been before. The whole old town center is right by the water too, so if you plan to stay at night you can watch the sunset dip below the sea as you dangle your feet off the balcony of your eatery, and holler for another glass of wine, of course! 

One of my favorite shots, he looked more local than any person I have seen. I asked to take his picture and he didnt understand me, but he didnt seem bothered either. He just kept hanging out on his seat of rolled up blankets watching the day go by...

Seeing the beaches is the must! Clear blue water laps along beige sand. There are two main areas we heard of, "Paradise Beach" and "Super Paradise Beach", yes, that's right. The only difference in the name is "super" (who ever decided to name their beach that after the original... rude, lol). 
Go figure, I didn't actually take any photos of those beaches, as I was too busy enjoying it for myself!
But super paradise is more quite, and paradise is known for its partying at night (we partied too hard ourselves the night before at Skandinavian Bar to make it to the beach night party, let me know how you liked it, if you ever have a chance!). Another beach, was located on the southern most tip, which you can only reach with a scooter. It was a lovely, quiet spot, and we spent a half day there. You have to be okay with nudity though, as it's free game on this beach to tan in your birthday suit :P

Another one of the days Alex and I took the scooters around the town, going from one end of the island to the other. Boy, we want a pair of theses scooters!

I'll end this journey with some views of our Air B'n'B.
Alex and I had our own deck facing the sunset, were we watched a movie at night in our bean bag chairs under the stairs. It was a great spot <3