West Crete | Greece

One of the larger islands during my 1 month trip along the islands of Greece. Crete felt more like home then any other island. To my surprise, it had a vast amount of trees and lush greenery. I was told by a local this is because of its higher amount of rainfall each year, more than the other 227 islands that are inhabited by the greeks. Crete is also large, very large. It took about a 2 hour drive to our first Air B'n'B on the island from the ferry. It's a lovely drive though the views along the coat were fantastic <3

Our first Air B'n'B had the most wonderful character to it. Built out of the old brick and marble ruins of a previous building erected hundreds of year ago. 

Also our place was conveniently located in the middle of serenity, quiet and within 10 minutes of one of my favorite small towns, known as Margarites Village. This lovely little town had some of the best people and pottery in all of Greece. 

Our day trip to Chania, nick named "little Venice". For its Venice, Italy feel. Having been to both places, I would agree there was a feeling of Italy here...

On the other side of the island we stayed at our 2nd location...check out the next blog for more on Crete <3