Zakynthos | Greece

We made it out of the city if Athens and onto our next location of Zakynthos. What a nice transition out of the hustle and bustle, but really, if you've heard the saying "the city that never sleeps" well that also includes Athens. All day, all night, a steady stream of cars and noises. I'm sure you'd get used to it after awhile, but I am an urban girl, and appreciate the calm.
Zakynthos is perfect for slowing down. 
We arrived at sunrise after a short 45 minute plane ride from Athens, it was pretty breath taking to say the least...

We rented a gorgeous villa in the mountains (actually the highest one of them all), it's called Eora. The cutest pink color which stuck out amongst the brown hues of the local landscape. 

The next day driving through the mountains, to the opposite side of Zakynthos. Finding local vendors on the way, selling some very nice wool rugs 🐑🐑🐑

Good night Zakynthos <3