Day 15 | Flow - Ytt

A bit of vinyasa flow. For how many years I've been doing yoga, I am actually new to this style of yoga as of this last month. The idea of one breath for each movement, like a dance. Each time I vinyasa getting a bit faster and more fluid. 
This flow was a variation inspired by my teacher Patience. We are actually encouraged to write down the sequences after class, so we can do them on our own and expand our teaching options. 
I am hoping to eventually get deeper into my scorpion and one day touch my toes to my head while in the back bend. I also would like to find a smooth transition out of scorpion into another posture. For those who are incredibly strong you could float down (without pounding the floor like I did in the video) but for now while I build up strength, I'll have ponder another progression out of it!
Enjoy :D