Day 37 | Yoga Teacher Training Day

Day 37


Pulling the latest night blogging to date, as I drink coffee and eat a chocolate chip muffin at 5:10am…previously being swept away with a fellow friend with midnight talks and reflection on life experiences.
A conversation similar to day number 37’s YTT class which was all about vulnerability and acceptance

Two of the most intense excercises where performed in class last night. And when I say exercise I don’t mean the physical kind, I mean the mental kind which really pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

1st we were instructed to, with a partner, stare into one another eyes for 10 minutes straight… very strange to think about right? I mean if you honestly think about it, how often do you stop and gaze into someone else’s eyes for more then a mere 20 seconds while passing by?
At first it was awkward, and we both laughed…then after a few minutes something shifted, it became more serious, more real. It began to open up a connection I’ve never really experienced before. You can tell a lot about a person by staring into their eyes…you can also tell a lot about yourself, and your level of openness and vulnerability.
I would suggest this exercise to anyone, I actually ended up loving it. I felt so much more connected with my fellow yogi with such a little amount of time and effort.

2nd exercise was going around in a circle and legit telling the whole group our greatest vulnerability. Talk about being point blank…

Luckily over these past weeks we have gained a sense of security in our tight knit yoga teacher training community. Everyone felt safe enough to put their whole heart into it. From relationships, to body image; its amazing the different things in life that can make individuals feel insecure or feel vulnerable

Personally mine is a bit hard to narrow down, but generally its the fear of not being happy, despite seemingly having everything.
To smile while dying inside. To have family and friends assume you are doing great in life because they see the outside of you. To view your previous accomplishments and assume you must be doing well, without taking the time to dive deeper or actually affirm and support how well you may be doing in the current moment. To hit a brick wall and question what the next move is, what the purpose of this life is. To be unsure as to what will make me happy next? To feel a lack of purpose...
Something I experienced not too long ago, and now I am afraid to have that feeling return, it's that fear that makes me feel vulnerable. The fear of having everything yet feeling so disconnected from everything and everyone around me. To just go through the motions...

 But as they say, “vulnerability is not weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous. Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” - Brene Brown

It does help to talk about it, our vulnerabilities. It helps us feel connected to others, which I personally believe is what you, I, everyone in life needs to be happy, to truly connect. 

A few links, which may resonate with you as it did with me:


I am hoping we can all become more supportive of one another in this life, supportive of each one of our accomplishments. To create a sense of community and to FEEL connected.
To not just say we are friends, but to BE friends. To give a simple "Like" on Facebook, or a verbal, "Great job!", or better yet, to actually get together in person and TALK about one another's achievements, goals, or vulnerabilities.
It's so hard when we feel as though everything we do isn't good enough, like theres always something that can be better or be obtained. To continuously try do the next best thing while immediately afterwards sprinting to the next task, without appreciating what we've just accomplished.
Let's try to lift each other up out of the constant motion, and truly support one another's current tasks at hand. To say, "yeah, you are amazing, I am proud of you" & "I love you just the way you are, right here, right now." ...

Today, remember, there is no intimacy without vulnerability.
Be vulnerable, let the world in, and say, "I love you unconditionally, and you can't do anything to change that". <3

Photo by Carly Milbrath &lt;3

Photo by Carly Milbrath <3