Day 46 | (YTT) Muffins!

I'd love to share one of the most yummy vegan & gluten free chocolate chip muffins I've had the chance to bake, to date!
This following recipe was provided by my fellow yogi Chrissy, thanks for sharing girl! :D

First step, gathering all of the ingredients.
I was able to purchase the almond/meal flour and quinoa flour from my local co-op in Anoka. Protein powder form GNC or The VitaminShoppe. The rest can be purchased from your local grocery store!

Begin by mixing dry ingredients:
1/2 cup almond meal/flour, 1 cup quinoa flour. 2 scoops of (chocolate or vanilla)Vega protein powder, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl:
1 cup unsweetened apple sauce, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, 3 smashed bananas...

For the "eggs" you mix 2 tbsp chia seeds with 6 tbsp of water in a little bowl. Let it sit in the fridge for 15 minutes then stir it up and add to wet ingredients.

Add all the ingredients together, mix well.

Toppings: Add 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips and 1/4 cup dried cherries; Or 1/2 -3/4 cup berries.

Spray muffin tins and as Chrissy says, "scoop da goods" into the pan.

Cook at 375°F for 22-25 min (but it usually takes 25).

Each muffin as about 125 calories and protein too! Enjoy! :D