Day 71 | Finding Stillness in a Whirlwind

Day 71

You can do it. No Exceptions.
You can turn your whole world upside down and inside out.
Yes you can.
You can heal and grow and create and manifest miracles.
You can be the change you seek, inspire others and astonish yourself.
Yes you can.
In the very next breath you take, you can begin stepping towards the truth of who you really are with a sense of awesome adventure.
Oh yes you can.
You can make this your year and watch as dreams come true before your eyes.
Oh yes, yes, yes you can.
— Bhava Ram

Oh hey blog, it’s been awhile

Between working overtime at my nursing gig, photoshoots, YTT and training outside of class, let’s just say it's been a busy couple of weeks! But as they say, if you want to do something, you will make time for it (and I really do want to do this).
The last day of teacher training is only 2 and 1/2 weeks away, wow. I cannot believe it! I think I can speak for our whole class when I say, it will be a bitter sweet moment, with all of us not quite ready to be done with this wonderful program. 

This previous Sunday was focused on a new style of yoga called Roots. Where you slow down the tempo and really hold a pose. Allowing yourself to fall into a new sensation, you might otherwise have missed if you were moving fast like you do in Vinyasa Flow.

There was a large gathering of teachers across the country meeting at one location to talk and practice this new form, which is becoming implamented at the Lifetime Fitnesses. Even some of the national ambassadors where present to teach, which was pretty amazing! National ambassadors represent Lifetime, it's kind of a big deal :)

At first I thought I would be bored to tears in this class, but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was to slow down and really get properly aligned in the pose. I appreciate this aspect of yoga personally, it truly is a whole new sensation when you are positioned "correctly".
I may yet be swayed to teach this style of yoga, even though I figured myself as a “move fast and work hard until you drop” kinda girl. We will see what the future holds!

Over the past couple weeks I have been meeting with random students outside of class. Practicing Vinyasa flow outside of YTT days to practice for my teach back, so I can work for Lifetime if I choose to do so (did I ever mention I passed my Ashtanga teach back a couple weeks ago? Well if not, I DID! Yay!) this will be the 2nd out of 3 forms to learn.
Over the past few weeks I have actually started to feel like a yoga teacher. To me, this is a huge accomplishment! I never thought I would see the day, as it began as a childhood dream.
 It’s quite amazing to look back and reflect on how much growth there has been over the last 2 months. I did’t even know how to cue someone into a down dog. Now I find myself with the ability to cue an entire class for over 60 minutes with numerous poses and variations.
It goes to show, you really can accomplish anything you put your mind to! :)

Yoga Roots Teacher Training 4-24-2016

Yoga Roots Teacher Training 4-24-2016