Day 84 | Final Day of 200 Hour YTT

Today marks the final day of our 200 hour yoga teacher training program

Its hard to know where to begin, which words to use, how to express all of the emotions that arise and have been experienced throughout this entire journey…but oh, what a journey it has been. Like the waves, ups, downs, calm and storms. Riding all of these waves have been the most amazing life experiences I have ever had. 

When I began this program, I assumed all of the learning would take place on the mat physically. Boy have I been pleasantly surprised. I have grown more mentally and spiritually in the last 3 months then I have in my entire life, what a privilege it is to say that.

Winter 2016 YTT Group

To start out last day we taught one another a hour long slow burn vinyasa, with only having 2 days to learn the format. Each one of us rocked out the entire flow, proving, if there was any doubt that each of us have the ability to be successful yoga teachers. *hallelujah!*

After which we formed our meditation circle, taking 20 minutes of quiet and calm before moving onto our next exercise…telling the group what we would do if we had 24 hours to live, and what we have gained from this YTT over the last 12 weeks

Oh boy, I can just say now the tears started to roll on out of each of us.

It was surprising and comforting to hear what each one of us would do in that circumstance of 24 hours. Each story falling in line with the general idea that we would to be surround by family and friends. My scene depicted a huge party, with everyone I’ve had the privilege of knowing, to celebrate the connections and love experienced while here on earth. Most importantly having my immediate family and close friends present. Telling stories, sharing laughs, feeling love. The older I get, the more I acknowledge that is what makes my life purposeful and fulfilled, family, friends and faith

As for what we were going to take away from YTT, it was also similarly expressed that we ALL have grown, ALL of us have changed, ALL of us have taken away SO much more then we could ever expect.

If I could suggest one thing of each of you, it would be to explore this ancient practice and dive in yourself! Take a 200 hour program, even if you've never considered becoming a yoga teacher (also, you can try to win the yoga scholarship through lifetime to take the training for FREE, by just writing a good essay about yourself). 

You may just find out there is more to this life then you ever knew existed, honestly, I did.

I want to thank my family, friends and everyone who has followed me during this start of my yoga journey. For encouraging my blog posts and applauding me for the dedication. Your support really did make all of the difference! Much love to ALL of you. 


P.S. Enjoy some of our outdoor photos, we may have gotten a little silly, and my camera may have been abducted and used hehe :D