Day 84 | Final Day of 200 Hour YTT

Today marks the final day of our 200 hour yoga teacher training program

Its hard to know where to begin, which words to use, how to express all of the emotions that arise and have been experienced throughout this entire journey…but oh, what a journey it has been. Like the waves, ups, downs, calm and storms. Riding all of these waves have been the most amazing life experiences I have ever had. 

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Day 66 | Let's Talk, Diet

Nothing like starting your morning out right with a vegan breakfast! Talk about yummy!
Something else which is about to start today, the next 21 days of my final yoga stretch & a revamped healthy eating lifestyle :)

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Day 37 | Yoga Teacher Training Day

Pulling the latest night blogging to date, as I drink coffee and eat a chocolate chip muffin at 5:10am…previously being swept away with a fellow friend with midnight talks and reflection on life experiences.
A conversation similar to day number 37’s YTT class which was all about vulnerability and acceptance. 

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Day 25 | Yoga Teacher Training Day

I celebrate this lineage today. For the first time, I taught an official 60 minute ashtanga yoga class to a small group! It wasn't flawless but it was still a pretty amazing experience, bringing me one step closer to being a confident yoga instructor. It actually went a lot better then I had anticipated. It must have been all the good vibes I had asked for the other day, thank you thank you! I continue to learn and continue to grow, everyday. One step at a time, as for today, today was a leap :D

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Day 18 | Yoga Teacher Training Day

“The beauty of life is that you can start again” |

Prior to this program, I got to a point where I felt so mentally drained, I had given all of my “Prana” to a lifestyle, which over the years had taken more from me then it gave in return. Slowly this permanence brought me to my lowest of lows, like a small weighted anchor ever so gradually ebbing down into the a dark abyss of the mind, where anxieties and worries flourished. I had everything, but felt nothing... 

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The Meaning Of Life | Yoga Lifestyle

Victor E. Frankl states:
We can discover the meaning of life in three different ways: (1) by creating work or doing a deed; (2) by experiencing something or encountering someone; and (3) by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering. 

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