Day 84 | Final Day of 200 Hour YTT

Today marks the final day of our 200 hour yoga teacher training program

Its hard to know where to begin, which words to use, how to express all of the emotions that arise and have been experienced throughout this entire journey…but oh, what a journey it has been. Like the waves, ups, downs, calm and storms. Riding all of these waves have been the most amazing life experiences I have ever had. 

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Day 71 | Finding Stillness in a Whirlwind

You can do it. No Exceptions.
You can turn your whole world upside down and inside out.
Yes you can.
You can heal and grow and create and manifest miracles.
You can be the change you seek, inspire others and astonish yourself.
Yes you can.
In the very next breath you take, you can begin stepping towards the truth of who you really are with a sense of awesome adventure.
Oh yes you can.
You can make this your year and watch as dreams come true before your eyes.
Oh yes, yes, yes you can

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Day 62 | Yoga Teacher Training Day

Its difficult to write about ones not so perfect moments.
Like Sunday, where I found myself angrily walking out of mediation during our lunch break and not returning. That may not have been my finest moment in YTT...

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